Monday, July 21, 2014

Jovie Breann, you are 7 months old!

wow! 7 months. unbelievable

You graduated up the ducky tub and love it. bye bye baby bathtub!

you are such a chill baby. so content and easy!

your napping schedule took a bit of a nose dive, you like to be snuggled to sleep more often now instead of just laying you down drowsy. you don't take as long of naps any more either. about an hour in the morning and hour and a half at night. you sleep from 9pm-7am at night. 

you can stand against things for short periods of time

we see that tongue of yours out constantly!

you wear 6 months size clothes

you eat 4 or 5 6oz bottles a day depending on how much baby food you get during the day. 

we noticed some eczema on your belly a couple weeks ago. It seems to be worst when it's warm out. 

we started you on baby food this month, you've tried avocado, green beans and peas and love it all!

We love you like crazy Jovie! You are such a sweetie pie. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Just had to share

Some faves from Jovie's 6 month photo shoot with the amazing Kim Egedus:

Friday, July 11, 2014

{insta catch up}

Sorry for the obnoxious amount of pictures today! It's been awhile since I updated =)

Grayden ready for his first night of Tennis camp!

He loved it!

Pacey doesn't get much mention on here anymore but he's still around!

lunch with our friends!

Coach Grandpa watching his form!

using the heavy rain to my advantage while getting things ready for camping

doll baby

cutie pie

best part of my day! morning snuggles

helping me make strawberry rhubarb pie

fro yo treat on a HOT afternoon

strawberry picking clan

totally their idea! such cute mannequins

such good shoppers!

silly selfies at Red Robin

watching the rain with my girl

keeping an eye on her brothers jumping and dancing at Kindermusik

fun morning with friends at kindermusik

brave boy at the dentist

Sadler's first dentist appointment. Gray was so protective of him!

happy girl

sweet boy and I at the community picnic

Grandma the clown with her silly grandsons

Fighting fires at the picnic

waiting for her doc at her 6 mo check up

donut time!

surfing at the lake

swinging sadler

Surprising Jessica at her 30th birthday party

daddies pushing the kids on swings at park night!

sitting in the shade

fun with cousins

joyful Jovie

meal planning

getting festive before the 4th

silly faces at his 3 year check up

friends at the cottage

Sadler loves taking pictures

nice cooler day to read outside

love seeing this!

Jovie makes even putting laundry away fun

Grayden is having such a great summer!

moms night out at boatwerks


love how he loves her

could he be any cuter?

tiniest toad

queen of the raft

trying out some kayaks at the cottage

looks so tiny in that thing

so relaxing!

my biggest with my dad

we found out Tuesday night that we'll be adding another NIECE to our family!

fast asleep in moms bed

loving him an egg with extra cheese

another pic by Sadler. Jovie loves when we coordinate :)

perfect lunch date

this water balloon filler has brought us hours of fun!

pool day!

"whats up here!?"

Jovie wanted nothing to do with her crib at naptime. snoozing in the Ergo is more her style today!

I really need to go up to the playroom more often! what a mess!

Trying to fight off the crabbies with some oils

twinning! sorry sweet girl, I promise we wont ever dress alike when you are old enough to care!

handsome boy before his first night at VBS this year!

swinging with my boys! i love to swing, is that weird?

working together! something they really need to work on!

a typical night in our house at 5:30. picture by Sadler!